The 2018 Oktoberfest Hash Weekend will be held from the 28th - 30th September 2018 in Munich, Germany.



Please Register here: MH3 Oktoberfest Weekend Event 2018 Registration


Those registered will be kept updated by e-mail. The Oktoberfest tent is limited to 80 hashers, if there is no spot for you are welcome to join us on our runs.
Weekend Registration Fee: 125

Payment information will be sent after registration.


UPDATE (25.03.18) : The 80 spots in the tent have now been taken, just waiting for payment confirmation. You can still sign up using the registration form and we'll let you when a seat comes available. You can still sign up and join us for the runs only as well.




2018 MH3 Oktoberfest Hash Info:


This year we're hosting the Hangover/Red Dress R*n again on Sunday which will wind its way through the Munich old town.


Thursday Night (27th Sept) - 2018 Oktoberfest Pre-Lube - Run starts 18:00 - Registration opens at 17:00, City Run hosted by Munich Full Moon Hash, Dinner and party (More info to follow. This event is separate to the MH3 Oktoberfest weekend and has an extra fee.)


Friday Night (28th Sept) - Registration opens at 16:30, City Run starts at 18:00, Dinner and party afterwards (More info to follow)


Saturday (29th Sept) - Oktoberfest Run starts at 11:00, Lunch after r*n, Oktoberfest (includes Food Voucher and 2 Maß Beer in tent). It is possible to join only this run for a 15 EUR fee.


Sunday (30th Sept) - Hangover/Red-Dress City Run for Charity starting at 11:00, Light Lunch, Circle and Goodbye and/or back to the Fest!! It is possible to join only this run for a 15 EUR fee.


Weekend Price is €125.- includes a T-shirt, goody-bag, lots of beer, some meals and Oktoberfest tickets (for Saturday).

Note: 5€ of your registration fee will go to a Children's charity. (Kinder ohne Hunger -  http://kinder-ohne-hunger.org)


Please Note!: This weekend event does not include accommodation! Finding accommodation will be up to you. Please find a hotel and book early, as hotel rooms are scarce and dear during the entire event. 


Who's cumming? as per 24.04.2018

  Hash Name Home Hash
  in the tent  
1 KitOff Can’t antigens is H3
2 Purple Vein Sembach H3
3 Too lazy to swallow Frankfurt H3
4 Great Balls of Fire Frankfurt H3
5 Just In Beaver Frankfurt
6 Po-po Peepshow Boston H3
7 Fellowship of the Cockring Boston H3
8 Uncomfortably Thumbed Okinawa H3
9 Erectus Maximus ex-Munich H3
10 Easily Satisfied Sembach H3
11 Veni vidi vittu Frankfurt H3
12 Putin My Sister Sembach H3
13 Mother Fucking Teresa Munich H3
14 Message In My Butthole Sembach HHH
15 Anything Butt Sembach HHH
16 Goat Throat Boston H3
17 Orgasm Famine Boston H3
18 Not in this Cult Munich H3
19 Just Miriam Munich H3
20 J.O.H.N Stuttgart HHH
21 BeerBra DIVA H3
22 Maß Sembach H3
23 Inflate A Date Munich H3
24 Debbie Does Frankfurters Munich H3
25 Bus Buster Sembach HHH
26 Finger Me Mister Frodo Stuttgart H3
27 BBMM Munich H3
28 Poor me, water! Munich H3
29 Only cums in munich Stuttgart
30 Hindlick Long Island Lunatics H3
31 A Little Dirty Long Island Lunatics H3
32 20 Pound Pussy IndyScent H3
33 Barebacking with Pearls Sembach H3
34 Romancing the Bone Portland No Name H3
35 Cockjaw Portland No Name H3
36 Just Andy Munich H3
37 Just Betty Munich H3
38 If the Glove fits, cum in it Sembach H3
39 Comes in Handy Munich H3
40 E = I'm A Douche Eager 4 Beaver H3
41 Birdbrian Munich H3
42 Pecker Shaker Hague Hash 3
43 Shut up & Bend over Munich Full Moon H3
44 Anette Munich full moon
45 Jacking Jill Munich H3
46 Bush Gardens Munich H3
47 Krusty the Meat Miser Friendly Toast H3
48 Nutz and Boltz Tidewater H3
49 Stupid Hoe Jacksonville H3
50 Biggus Dickus BMPH3
51 Tailgate Bern H3
52 Ed Basel
53 Bust Her Hymen Long Beach H3
54 Baby Crack Whore Long Beach H3
55 Have You Blown My Stapler? White House H3
56 Just Tom White House H3
57 Chlamydia Chlamydia Chlamydia Holy Shit! What the Fuck? H3
58 Cocktistic Bear Bottom H3
59 Bushtrimmer San Diego H3
60 Grassy Ass San Diego H3
61 Yoron Weed D.U.F.F. H3
62 WoodFuck D.U.F.F. H3
63 OSAMA Bin Hashing D.C. Road Whores
64 Fancy That! Gci H3
65 Rol-A-Dix Anchorage AK h3
66 Something Blew Quad Cities H3
67 Armed & Manger-ous Traveling Whore-Ables H3
68 Pleasure Slab LVH3
69 Dirty White Goth Whore LVH3
70 Backdoor Brooke Munich H3
71 Just Eugen Munich H3
72 Boobs-a-lot Seattle H3
73 Cockalatte Seattle H3
74 Treasure Chest Brussels Manneken Pis H3
75 Bottom Blower Munich H3
76 Gay-Ho Altenglan H3
77 Loose Nutz Munich H3
78 Dumpster Diver ETNA H3
79 Moose Diver Schaffhausen H3
80 SpeedoGonzales Munich H3
  Waiting list  
80 CaMeL Toe Ho LBH3
81 Thank You For Your Cervix LBH3
82 2 inches 2 paradise Sembach
83 Half Monty Munich H3
85 No Name No Hash - MIMB’s friend
86 Erectyle Dysfunction Lusaka H3 (Zambia)
87 Good to the last drop Lusaka H3 (Zambia)
88 Just Clare Virgin
89 Quick to Climax Boise H3
 90 Plus One Sembach H3
91 Just Victoria VooDoo H3
  only want to hash  
  PantyRaider Munich H3
  Shot to the Twat Munich H3
  Smokestack Munich H3
  Likk'mm Pussy Grabber H3
  Toyota Tits Munich H3
  Devil‘s 3 Way Munich H3


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