When: Saturday, 8th August 2020 (calendar)
Time: 17:00 (5p.m.)
Where: Park and Ride (car park) of Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn S-bahn station Google map
Public transport: Ebenhausen-Schäftlarn S-bahn station (S7 line). Travel disruptions possible on the S-bahn Stammstrecke between Ostbahnhof and Donnersbergerbrücke.
On-after: None set, it's up to us. There is the Sinfonia Da Roberto Italian restaurant nearby.
Hares Betty Boop and BMW
Type of run: A to A (finishes where it starts)

We meet up at the location above. After a briefing on the trail we set off for a run, jog or walk. We'll have a drink stop during the trail and a few more drinks at the end.

You can bring a change of clothing which you can leave in our "bag car".


  • to bring a mug - either one awarded to you for completing runs, or your own mug which can carry up to a pint (half a litre)
  • bring exactly €4 for Hash Fees
  • bring your own hand sanitiser
  • maintain social distancing and good hygiene at all times
  • read our Covid-19 precautions
  • Tell us if you are coming - we need to know this. Accept the invitation on Facebook, or meetup.com or email us.
Although restrictions are eased, we are not out of the woods yet and will maintain social distancing on the run and in the circle.  We shall wear face masks before and after the run and keep  running with healthy distances on trail among us.