Date: Saturday December 16th, 2017

Time: 15:00


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Who will be drinking tequila?

 last updated 14.12.2017

Johnny A Schaffhausen H3
Toyota Tits Munich H3
Smokestack Munich H3
Too lazy to swallow Frankfurt H3
Baggy Snatch TH3 / MH3
Half Monty TH3 / MH3
Just Chloe TH3 / MH3
Just Theo TH3 / MH3
Poor me, water! Munich H3
Bottom Blower Munich H3
STTT Munich H3
Pays With Her Ass Munich H3
Chillbox Munich H3
Birdbrian Munich H3
Great Balls of Fire Frankfurt H3
BBMM Munich H3
Comes In Handy Munich H3
Billy Boy Munich H3
But His Nut Sembach H3
Better Laid Than Never Sembach H3
Just Andy Munich H3
Just Betty Munich H3
SpeedoGonzales Munich H3
STD Frankfurt H3
Swans Frankfurt H3
Weenie Bikini Frankfurt H3
Niceboy Frankfurt Hash House Harriers
R U AssPutin Munich H3
VDD Istanbul Hash
Not in this Cult Munich H3
Loose Nutz Munich H3
Anything Butt Sembach
Message In My Butthole Sembach
AC/DC The Munich H3
Moremen Hardon Munich Hash House Harriers
Hung Like This Munich H3
Just udo Munich H3
Mother Fucking Teresa Munich H3
Big Sniff Stuttgart
Roofies Taste Like Almonds VDH3
Devil’s 3 Way None
Backdoor Brooke Xi'an Hash House Harriers
Just Eugen N/A
Mother Sucker Munich H3
Just Jacob Munich H3
Just Mathilda Munich H3
Debbie Does Frankfurters Munich H3
Is It In Munich H3
Purple Vein IWSH3
Dizzy Passion Monks Town
Longshanks Munich H3
Hemorrhoid Boulder HHH




The Great Bayern Nash Hash returns to the Annafest in Forchheim for 2018!!
The Annafest is a Franconian folk festival held yearly about 26 July (St. Anna's day) in the Kellerwald ("Cellar Woods") in the town of Forchheim.


When: Friday 27 July - Sunday 29 July 2018 (Rego opens at 5pm on Friday at Don Bosco Youth Hostel. Pub crawl starts at 7pm.)

Where: Forchheim, Germany


Price: €100.-


This includes:

- Welcome beer on Friday at Hostel

- Annafest Hash and Sunday Hangover R*n

- 2 nights at Hostel and breakfast (25eur per night)

- Special BNH Haberdashery

- First Maß Beer (1L) at Annafest

- Snack and Beer/Drinks at Saturday and Sunday's Circles


Please complete the following Registration Form: HERE


To assure accommodation please sign up right away and pay as soon as 
you get the payment details. Accommodation is limited and we have to 
inform the hostel some weeks before the event how much spaces we really 
need. First come, first served!



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Tentative Schedule



17:00 Onwards, registration, welcome beers.

19:00 2nd Annual Pay-as-you-drink BNH3 Pubcrawl Hash and dinner through the melting fleshpots of Forchheim.

NOTE: The youth hostel closes at midnight.



07:00 – 09:30 Breakfast in the hostel.

09:00 – 11:30 Free time Forchheim, grab some early lunch.

Note: 20 minute walk from the youth hostel to the Bahnhof.

11:30 - Start of Saturday Bayern Nash Hash at Forchheim train station. We will catch a bus to the start of the run.

16:00 - ??:?? Annafest 2018



07:00 – 09:30 Breakfast

10:00 Hangover Hash from hostel, drink stop, circle

12:30ish Find some lunch and/or go home



Who can I contact during the weekend?

Contact ???

What is the address of the youth hostel?

Youth Hostel Forchheim "Don Bosco"

Don-Bosco-Straße 4

91301 Forchheim

Is there a bag car on Saturday?

Yes, but only a small one so please pack as small and light as possible.

How much does it cost?

Complete Hash weekend (including 2 nights in hostel): €100

Complete Hash weekend without accommodation: €50

YH accommodation incl. breakfast: €25 per person, per night.

Please make your choices on the Rego form for how many nights you want to stay in the hostel and you'll receive a email from Hash cash for the corresponding fee.

What is included?

2 nights’ accommodation and breakfast at the youth hostel.

Saturday hash, drink stop(s), snacks, circle beer, ice. 1 litre of beer at the fest. Limited edition haberdashery. Sunday hash, drink stop(s), snacks, circle beer, ice. 

What is not included?

Dinner and drinks on Friday’s pub-crawl hash night, lunch on Saturday, more than one litre of beer at the fest, food at the fest


Who's coming (as of 25.07.18) - 33

Shot to the Twat Munich H3
Panty Raider Munich H3
Not in this Cult Munich H3
Bottom Blower Munich H3
Hung Like This Munich H3
Pays with her Ass Munich H3
Loose Nutz Munich H3
Swans Frankfurt H3
STD Frankfurt H3
Loveballs Sembach H3
Engine Fucker Sembach H3
Johnny A Schaffhausen H3
Debbie does Frankfurters Munich H3
Just Udo Munich H3
Blue Moon Stuttgart H3
Shut Up Stuttgart H3
Birdbrian Munich H3
Weenie Bikini Frankfurt H3
Niceboy Frankfurt H3
Group Sekt Stuttgart H3
BBMM Munich H3
Poor me, water! Munich H3
Veni vidi vittu Frankfurt H3
Speedo Munich H3
AC/DC Munich H3
BallBuster Munich H3
Pink Lady Munich H3
Smokestack Munich H3
Skinhead Frankfurt H3
Maiden Head Frankfurt H3
Likk'mm Pussy Grabber H3
Longshanks Hamburg H7
2Mistakes Angeles City Philippines
Likk'mm Pussy Grabber H3






Saturday, 3 June 2017


5:00pm (17:00)

Hare(s): Pussy Riot and RU Ass Putin

Langwied S-bahn Station, S3 

From the Hares: Be invited to another drinking spree on the 3rd of June or concisely "next Saturday". 

We meet at 5pm (17:00) (TBC by the hares) near the S-bahn stop Langwied (S3). 

Hares: RU Ass Putin, Pussy Riot 
On-After: Aubinger Wirtshaus (aka Wirtshaus Zur Aubinger Einkehr) - Kastelburgstraße 77, Muenchen) 
Map:  Print



Friday, 9 June 2017


7:00PM (19:00)

Hare(s): Is It In?

Moosacher St. Martins Platz (Ubahn U3, bus 163)

Full Moon R*n in Moosach!  
End the holiday week in style with an amazing r*n through the streets and shiggy of Moosach.
The trail is not completely stroller friendly, but with a few shortcuts it shouldn't be a problem.

On After: Gasthaus Spiegl, Feldmochinger Straße 38
48.181792, 11.518274
Map:  Print



Saturday, 17 June 2017


5:00pm (17:00)

Hare(s): Poor me, Water!, Moremen Hardon and Billy Boy

Grünwald Debolfinger Platz - end station for Tram 25

Triple Hare Special
Come along and join us to rough up the high society of Grünwald with a fantastic hash.
Both Runners and Wa*kers trails are mostly stroller friendly ;-)
On-After: Osteria Eboli (
Map:  Print



Saturday, 29 July 2017


4:00pm (16:00)

Hare(s): BMW and Betty Boop

Herrsching - S8


believe it or not but the weather on Saturday July 29. will be absolutely perfect for MH3 Run No.687.

Please note that the starting time will be 16.00 hours / 4PM !!!!

Where : S 8 station Herrsching -  starting from the P&R parking lot

What time : 16:00 hours   (this early starting time is needed because the restaurant is going to close pretty early)

There will be a chance for a swim (after the run) – weather and time permitting

On After : at the Ammersee Alm , Madeleine Rouff Str.33  (near the S-Bahn station and next to the lake)


Hares : Betty Boop & B..M..W..