Wait, what?

The one and only Noktoberfest 2020 - Note that registration has now closed

A famous quote from Birdbrain here:

"oh please Sir I want some Oktoberfest Sir"

and another famous quote from Covd-19:

"There will be Noktoberfest for you"

... which is what your Munich H3 MisManagement are planning for you: A one day Nokotberfest event. The date will be Saturday 26th September 2020.

The plan is to meet near the grounds of the Wies'n run around in our best Oktoberfest outfits (Trachtenlauf) have a drinkstop, of course a circle and if possible go to a nearby Biergarten (if we can, it can all change again).

We know that a lot of you can not make this n'event, and that we will also have to restrict the numbers so we had the cunning idea of producing more t-shirts then spots so you can run in your chosen area on the day and send us photos of you in your Oktoberfest gear.

We have Sphincter (you loved his Minion t-shirt) working day and night designing this year's t-shirt.

How much? I hear you cry: EUR 30 which will pay for your t-shirt and the run.

"But Germany won't let me in" I hear you sigh: EUR 30 which will pay for your t-shirt and I'll post it to you.

(Registration has now closed)


No'zapft is


On On


Bottom Blower

How much?

"Run" + T-shirt: €30 Note that these are no longer available - registration has closed

Just the T-shirt: €30

When: Saturday, 26th September 2020 (add to calendar)
Time: Sometime on 26th, we'll update as details develop
Where: Somewhere in Munich - you'll get the details
Public transport: We'll send you the details
On-after: Hopefully a nearby Biergarten if a second wave hasn't locked down everything again.
Hares: Bottom Blower and Not in this Cult
I don't want to be alone:

Here's our who's cumming list.

Type of run:

Details will be updated here.


This is a special event. Places are limited It will cost everyone €30 including those who can't make it but would still like the T-shirt

Please be aware that:

  • this is a limited-size event and must have much fewer attendees than at our usual Oktoberfest.
  • first pay, first served
  • we may have to cancel the event if the Munich authorities re-introduce restrictions. This may even happen at the last minute - you'll still get a T-shirt

We meet up at the location above. After a briefing on the trail we set off for a run, jog or walk. We'll have a drink stop during the trail and a few more drinks at the end.

You can bring a change of clothing which you can leave in our "bag car".


  • to bring a mug - either one awarded to you for completing runs, or your own mug which can carry up to a pint (half a litre)
  • bring your own hand sanitiser
  • maintain social distancing and good hygiene at all times
  • read our Covid-19 precautions
Although restrictions are eased, we are not out of the woods yet and will maintain social distancing on the run and in the circle.  We shall wear face masks before and after the run and keep  running with healthy distances on trail among us.

Here's a nice map of where we WILL NOT BE MEETING