Future Runs for 2020 (click on the links below for more detailed Run Info) 

MH3 Runs are held every other week, and Full Moon Runs are held once a month, around the full moon.

Run locations are generally announced the week of the run. Please see the Next Run links for full info.

Date Run Nr  Hare(s)  MH3 Or FMH3



Run Location / General Details / Map / On-After Location (Click on link below)
19-Sept-20 772 Beaver Pumper MH3 17:00 TBD
25-Sept-20 198 Hare Needed FMH3 18:00 TBD
26-Sept-20 773 Bottom Blower, NITC MH3 - Noktoberfest 2020 - registration closed
3-Oct-20 773 Birdbrian MH3 17:00 TBD
17-Oct-20 774 Hare Needed MH3 17:00 TBD
30-Oct-20 199 Hare Needed FMH3 19:00 Hallowe'en Hash
31-Oct-20 775 Poor Me, Water! and Anal Weiß MH3 15:00 World Peace Thru Beer & Hallowe'en
14-Nov-20 776 Hare Needed MH3 17:00 TBD
27-Nov-20 200 Hare Needed FMH3 19:00 TBD
28-Nov-20 777 Baggy Snatch MH3 15:00 TBD
11-Dec-20 201 Hare Needed FMH3 18:00 Glühwein Hash
12-Dec-20 778 Hare Needed MH3 15:00 Christmas Hash?
26-Dec-20 779 Last Koch MH3 15:00 TBD
9-Jan-21 780 Hare Needed MH3 15:00 TBD
23-Jan-21 781 Hare Needed MH3 15:00 TBD
6-Feb-21 782 Hare Needed MH3 15:00 TBD