Future Runs for 2018 (click on the links below for more detailed Run Info) 

MH3 Runs are held every other week, and Full Moon Runs are held once a month, around the full moon.

Run locations are generally announced the week of the run. Please see the Next Run links for full info.

Date Run Nr  Hare(s)  MH3 Or FMH3

Start Time 

Run Location / General Details / Map / On-After Location (Click on link below)
22-Sept-18 720 Half Monty/Baggy Snatch MH3/TH3 14:00

St Johann in Tirol Knödelfest Hash (MH3/Tirol H3 combined event) - Camping/hotel overnight possible

Run fee: 10€ (includes entrance fee to fest)

Train from Munich arrives at 13:37. Sparpreis of 19.90€ available


- More info HERE

27-Sept-18  177 Cumming Numb FMH3 18:00

Full-Moon Oktoberfest Pre-Lube Run

Location: Augustiner Bräu Echardinger Einkehr, Bad-Kreuther-Straße 8, 81671 Munich

More info: HERE

Please sign up!

28-Sept-18 721  BBMM, DDF, Jacking Jill, Smokestack MH3 18:00

Oktoberfest Friday Run

Run Start: 18:00

29-Sept-18 722  Bird Brian, Devil's 3 way, Toyota Tits, Billyboy MH3 11:00

Oktoberfest Saturday Run

Run Start: 11:00

30-Sept-18 723  Poor Me Water, Pays With Her Ass, MFT MH3 11:00

Oktoberfest Sunday Red Dress Run

Run Start: 11:00

6-Oct-18 724 Hare needed! MH3 15:00 TBD (World Peace through Beer)
14-Oct-18     MH3 10:00

Munich Marathon Relay - 3 Teams registered - Olympiapark

For more details email Debbie Does Frankfurters

20-Oct-18 725 Just Lasha MH3 15:00 TBD
26-Oct-18 178 Hare needed! FMH3 17:00 TBD
3-Nov-18 726 MFT
MH3 15:00 TBD
17-Nov-18 727 Thunderclap MH3 15:00 TBD
23-Nov-18 179 Hare needed! FMH3 17:00 TBD
24-Nov-18   TBD TH3   Innsbruck Christmas Market Run
1-Dec-18 728 Poor Me Water, STTT MH3 15:00 TBD
14-Dec-18 180 Hare needed! FMH3 17:00 TBD
15-Dec-18 729 BBMM and DDF MH3 15:00 MH3 Christmas Party -More info to follow
29-Dec-18 730 Hare needed! MH3 15:00 TBD
Jan 18-20 or Feb 1-3 2019   TBD TH3   2019 Tirol Hash Ski Weekend - For more details talk with Baggy Snatch