The Munich H3 hashes every other Saturday at 17:00 (5PM) during Daylight Savings Time (summer) and 15:00(3pm) in the winter months.

We average a group size of roughly 15 - 30 hashers/runners.

Both runner and walker trails are available, which normally average between 6 and 12 km along the many parks, villages, and woodland trails throughout the Munich area.

Want to join us? Grab your running shoes and a change of clothes (there will be a car to store your gear) and check where the next run will be here:

MH3 Run Info

The Munich Full Moon H3 hashes approx every month and their next run info can be found here:

FMH3 Run Info

Want the run info straight to your email? Subscribe to the MH3 Mailing list by sending a mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2020 Mis-Management

  • GM: Bottom Blower
  • RA: Not In This Cult
  • Biermeister: Speedo Gonzales
  • Hare razor: Bird Brian
  • Haberdasher: Last Koch Standing
  • Song Mistress: Poor me, water!
  • Hash cash: Bottom Blower
  • Hash Sex: Golden Pedicure
  • Hash Web: Comes In Handy


You can find us on the following sites: